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    Lebanon Discovery
    This 8-day private tour of Lebanon includes a great selection of what this fascinating country has to offer and since the tour is operated privately, you'll be travelling at your own pace. We'll visit incredible historic ruins, experience beautiful scenery and explore the busy markets of Beirut. De...
    ab € 1.340,00  p.P. für 8 Tage  *
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    Solemio Schooner Trip In Guaraíras Lagoon
    A trip recommended for the whole family, aboard the beautiful SoleMio Schooner, we will travel several points of the beautiful Guaraíras Lagoon, the most beautiful in the region. This lagoon holds traces of a remote past when Dutch invaded the northeast of Brazil and so there are the ruins of a Dutc...
    ab € 87,00  / 6 Hours *
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    Beach Day In Maragogi From Recife
    Maragogi is one of the most outstanding cities of Alagoa's state. This is located to the Northeast of Brazil with an ideal weather for enjoying its beaches. We’ll head towards Burgalhau's Beach for taking pleasure from its fine white sand, warm and transparent waters. This landscape is perfect for r...
    ab € 46,00  / 8 Hours *
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    Hornocal Viewpoint in Tilcara
    This tour will allow you to enjoy great views of Serrania del Hornocal's multicoloured hill while learning more about the geography of Quebrada de Humahuaca. The entire region is a unique and beautiful place (not to mention colorful) with an interesting natural phenomenon
    ab € 100,00  / Half Day *
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    Tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco - Train Expedition
    Come and visit Machu Picchu from Poroy train station to Aguas Calientes, and let yourself go in this unique experience. Explore this amazing World Heritage Site and have a wonderful time walking through its squares, temples and terraces. Be surprised with one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Don’t mis...
    ab € 475,00  / Full day *
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    Jordan Encounters
    This is our signature Jordan small-group tour, mixing the classic sites of Jerash and Petra with easy forest and canyon walks, a Wadi Rum jeep safari and Bedouin experience, a Dead Sea swim, ruined Desert Castles, and much more
    ab € 1.145,00  p.P. für 8 Tage  *
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    La Plata City Tour from Buenos Aires
    A half-day tour of the province of La Plata , exploring its architecture, culture, religion and science. A model of modern urban planning, La Plata was built into a perfectly square shape with striking diagonal streets. Just an hour away from Buenos Aires, our guided La Plata City Tour is a great wa...
    ab € 119,00  / 5 Hours *
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    4X4 Tour To Canto De Atins
    The village of Atins has attracted the attention of the tourists that pass by. Perhaps this is explained by the perfect combination formed between the Preguiças River, the dunes, the lagoons that form in the dunes and the beach. On this tour we will immerse many in the lagoons with transparent water...
    ab € 56,00  / 9 Hours *
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    Vietnam Encounters
    This 11-day Vietnam tour gives you the ideal introduction to Vietnam, exploring its top tourist attractions combined with some less visited rural areas
    ab € 1.530,00  p.P. für 11 Tage  *
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    Aquario With Olympic Boulevard
    Come and see the main changes and revitalization of the port area with the new Olympic Boulevard, Mural do Kobra, VLT (Light Rail Vehicle) and explore the diversity of the Brazilian marine fauna in AquaRio the largest marine aquarium in South America and see until 8 thousand animals of 350 different...
    ab € 71,00  / 4 hours *
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    Overflight of the Nazca Lines - 35 minutes
    Discover the mysterious Nazca Lines, and enjoy stunning panoramic views flying over them. These huge drawings belong to the Nazca culture, and the only way to see them, is flying over the pampas. Do not miss this opportunity, and live a adventure with our tour Overflight of the Nazca Lines
    ab € 113,00  / 35 minutes *
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    4-Day El Calafate Luxury Tour
    Discover El Calafate and its astonishing surroundings by booking and exclusive and private deluxe package with us. Get to know the world of the glaciers from a privileged place, performing unique excursions. Take a hike on the Perito Moreno Glacier, on of the most spectacular and reachable wonder of...
    ab € 698,04  / 4 Days *
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    Santa Susana Ranch from Buenos Aires
    Travel to the traditional Argentinean "Pampa" where we celebrate the authentic "Fiesta Gaucha". Multiple activities related to local customs will take place during the day. You choose from going horseback riding, watching a show of traditional folklore and enjoying a demonstration of the fantastic r...
    ab € 291,00  / 8 Hours *
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    Malba Museum & Walking Tour
    In this guided tour you will visit the most classic neighbourhoods of the city and also enter inside of one of the most representative places of Buenos Aires culture, recognized worldwide: the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA). We will walk with our guide to get to know the most r...
    ab € 30,00  / 5 Hours *
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    Maldives Sailing Safari
    This 8-day Maldives sailing cruise takes you island hopping on board a deluxe safari boat, stopping at local islands, deserted beaches and sandbars with plenty of snorkelling & swimming. Private charters are available for 2-14 people
    ab € 1.600,00  p.P. für 8 Tage  *
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    Half Day Wine Tasting from Mendoza
    This half day tour will take you to 2 famous Bodegas (vineyards) around Mendoza, a worldwide famous wine region, and you will participate in a wine tasting, accompanied by expert sommeliers and guides. This tours takes you into the wine making process and is a must if you go to Mendoza!
    ab € 27,00  / Half Day *
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    Theater Tango Carlos Gardel Dinner and Show In Bue
    The theater is located in one of the most emblematic places of downtown Buenos Aires: La Galería Guemes. The European architectural imprint of the late nineteenth century, with its marked Art Nouveau style, is preserved to this day and captivates all visitors. The show is not only about spectacular...
    ab € 110,00  / 4 hours *
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    Jordan Express
    This great value tour of Jordan covers all the major sites including Amman, Jerash, Madaba and Petra, features a Bedouin camp and jeep safari in Wadi Rum and a swim in the Dead Sea, and is the perfect introduction to amazing Jordan
    ab € 675,00  p.P. für 6 Tage  *
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    Ceita Core Waterfall
    Our tour will take you to Ceita Coré's Ranch, which in Guarani language means "land of my children", which is considered one of the most beautiful and traditional ranchs in the region. There we will use its facilities, take a walk through the typical vegetation of the Chapeninha River, visit the w...
    ab € 96,00  / 8 Hours *
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    Full Day Rio: Christ Redeemer (van), Sugarloaf, Ci
    The tour begins with a visit to Corcovado Hill, where the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer is located, an image that conveys the faith and sympathy of the Carioca people. We'll have the opportunity to make the historic ascent, which will make this experience even more special! Then, we will cont...
    ab € 98,00  / 10 hours *
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    Boulevard Olimpico and Museum Of Tomorrow
    A tour that makes you think about the future, the Museum of Tomorrow links science and sustainability in search of a better world. A visit to Boulevard Olímpico, located in front of Guanabara Bay, has the beautiful view of the Kobra graffiti on the walls of boardwalk and the natural landscape of R...
    ab € 49,00  / 4 Hours *
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    Food Tour in Barranco
    The district of Barranco in Lima City has picturesque restaurants, coffee shops and bars. You will enjoy a fantastic tour, tasting delicious Peruvian food. Explore this awesome bohemian neighborhood, with impressive street art, and beautiful sea views
    ab € 108,00  / 4 hours *
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    Walking With The Incas
    This comprehensive tour shows you the many sides of Peru, with time exploring the desert and Nazca Lines, a trek through the mountains to Machu Picchu, and wildlife safaris in the jun- gle. You’ll be amazed how much this country has to offer
    ab € 3.025,00  p.P. für 19 Tage  *
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    Tour To Morro De São Paulo
    We will leave Salvador in a boat of Big Sea or Ferry Boat, crossing the Bay of All Saints towards Itaparica. There, we will continue along the road to the municipality of Valença by the Funil Bridge, towards Ponta do Curral. Finally, a journey of only ten minutes by speedboat will leave us in Morro ...
    ab € 57,00  / 12 hours *
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